Tips For Using Hair Weaves To Protect Natural Hair

Many women enjoy using hair weaves so they can try out styles they would not be able to achieve with their natural hair. Some ladies like to use weaves as protective styles. They use styling tools such as flat irons or curling irons on the hair weave and not their natural hair. There are several hair weave techniques that can be used to add color, length, or fullness to a person’s hair. People who want to use a hair weave as a protective style must be certain to follow certain steps to ensure they will have healthy hair after the weave is removed.

The most important step involved with using hair weave as a protective style is to ensure that the hair weave is installed correctly. Incorrect installation techniques can cause a lot of damage to a person’s hair and scalp. Gentle handling of the hair is imperative. The natural hair should be cared for properly the entire time the hair weave is installed. People can’t forget about taking care of their hair. Cleaning the hair and scalp along with conditioning the natural hair should continue to take place. A good way to apply leave-in conditioner to the natural hair is to add water and conditioner to a spray bottle and spray the hair generously with the mixture. A bottle with a pointed tip can be used to apply oils to the scalp. Proper drying of the natural hair and extension hair has to be done gently and thoroughly to prevent matting.

Curly hair can be detangled with the fingers. It is not recommended to use fine tooth combs on curly hair on a regular basis. All textures of extension hair should be combed from the bottom up. Proper care of extension hair at night can increase its longevity. Gently detangling long hair and placing it into a few large braids or rolling the hair on rollers can go a long way to keep the hair from tangling. Wearing a satin scarf or sleeping on a satin pillow can prevent the hair from become dry or breaking due to rubbing against sheets or blankets. After releasing the hair in the morning from a scarf or rollers, a minimal amount of styling product can be used. Too much product will weigh the hair down. Consistently following these tips can help ensure a person’s natural hair will be in good condition after removing a weave.

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