Buying Vintage Online

Do you enjoy shopping for vintage but can’t always find the time or money to trek down to the local thrift store or hipster village? Maybe you want international options you can find at local vintage shops? Here are some tips for buying vintage clothes online that make sure you get the coolest vintage fashions, that fit right, and maybe even save you money in the process.

Reach Out to the Seller for Sizing
When you find a vintage clothing item you love, you need to make sure it will fit. This is one of the most common problems customers have buying vintage fashion items online. Since there is no substitute for an actual dressing room, by reading the sizing details of an item you can get a good idea for if it will fit. With vintage items there is likely no user reviews on sizing so it is important that you reach out to the seller themselves with any questions you may have. If you are buying a one of a kind or vintage item, try reaching out directly to the seller, they will usually be happy to help as they want to make sure you are content with your purchase in order to give them an excellent feedback rating.

Check the Return Policy  

When buying vintage, especially direct from sellers it may be difficult to return items.. That is why it is important to always check the return policy of the vendor you are buying from. Independent sites like Esty or eBay may have very different policies depending on the seller. If you are buying through a large site like Amazon or a similar e-commerce retailer, check to see if you buying direct or via a third party, if so be sure to review their individual return policy. Every site and every vendor can have completely different policies so don’t be afraid to ask.


Check Out Vintage Tags on Social Media
Shopping online can be overwhelming because of the sheer volume of items available. Narrow down your searches with tags such as “#vintage” to see what items are trending on social media that reflect your taste or interest in fashion. Often retailers will present you with lists of thousands of products sorted only by price or brand but this does little to help you decide what will suite your taste, body type, or personal fashion. A trendy vintage blog specializing in your unique look, whether you are into steam punk or old-timey, a good fashion blog can point you in the right direction. Many Pintrest and Instagram accounts are filled with super hipsters who even Buy Instagram Followers as part of their vintage empire. So if you are looking for what is the coolest of the vintage scene, use social media and vintage tags to help you decide what to buy online.

Buying vintage online gives you access to millions of products from anytime and anywhere, so what are you waiting for? Log on and score some awesome vintage fashion today!