Some Information About Retro Sunglasses

What’s common between Audrey Hepburn and Ranbir Kapoor, Michael Jackson and Saif Ali Khan? It’s the sunglasses they sport or sported!

Some of the most-loved sunglasses of today are inspired by the iconic frames worn by celebrities, decades ago. Even with so many new trends and styles entering the scene, these classic sunglasses have stood the test of time and have retained their charm.

Certain styles of sunglasses like aviators, cat eye and wayfarer have had such a huge impact on the wearers that they were, and still are, highly coveted by the fashion conscious.

Classics with a twist

Classics are long standing favourites, no doubt, but classics with a modern twist make the perfect accessory for the young go-getters of today as they best reflect their personal style and attitude which is a blend of traditions, culture and modern thinking.

Awesome Aviators: Conceptualised for pilots and ensuring perfect protection, Ray Ban aviators made their way into the closets and hearts of commoners and movie stars alike. One of the most comfortable and practical styles, they’ve been recreated by many eyewear brands, with trendy modifications and detailing like distinct lens colours, mirror coating, intricate nose bridges and modified shapes for both men and women. Youthful and affordable brands like Fastrack and Vincent Chase to designer names like Gucci, Burberry and John Jacobs, each brand has its version of this classic shape.

Catchy Cat eye: From Grace Kelly to Deepika Padukone, the glamourous trend of cat eye sunglasses has spanned generations. The angular browline of these shades, add a look of pride and stature which is why they’re a red carpet favourite synonymous with high fashion and glamour. These shades for women come with varied sweeps, styles and embellishments. From D&G’s ultra-luxurious to Vogue’s subtle style, one can experiment a great deal with these graceful shades.

Winning Wayfarers: The uber-cool and effortless style associated with wayfarers has kept them in the must-have list of the fashion-conscious for several decades. What has kept them going is the fact that the style was redesigned by Ray Ban in 2001 and made less angular and smaller. They now look sleeker and suit almost any face shape. Cited as the best-selling sunglasses design in history, wayfarers are now back with a bang in a host of colours, styles, and trendy details. Starting with Ray Ban, Oakley, to affordable brands like Lee Cooper, Fastrack and many more, have come up with fun versions of the classy wayfarers.

Whether your style is retro or fun, you’ll never go wrong with vintage classics like aviators, wayfarers, rounds and cat eye. You can keep the novelty factor and bring out your unique personal style by choosing versions with a modern twist. Simply pick a quirky variation and make it your own.

Best Tips For Your Fashion – Clothing Combinations For Summers

It is that time of the year when you’d be fashionable enough to take out your Ray-Bans and feel like a superstar even in the heat. Well, it takes a lot of confidence to step out of the house all decked up in fancy men’s clothes that can keep you comfortable inside as well as versatile outside. Spring is almost over and the temperature is rising like a shooting star, which definitely is the grace of Global Warming. However, whatever the situation is outside, you shouldn’t compromise with the personality you’re carrying and this article will help you do just that.

This article will brief you about a few men’s clothing combinations that you can buckle you up for the scorching heat and sweaty weather conditions, yet look like a runway model.

1. Denims and Open shirt with a T-Shirt inside

Commonly called a “shacket”, open shirts are one of the most commonly witnessed styles adopted by the modern male population. When the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, the combination of an open shirt with a contrasting t-shirt inside would just be the right thing to pick up. Teaming it up with a pair of denims would complete the stud-look of yours. The only thing you must make sure here is that you pick up the right fabric compositions. Appropriate fabrics would give you the freedom of doing whatever you want and still look as well as feel equally comfortable. You can even experiment with the kind of footwear you’ll be trying on including trainers, loafers as well as other semi-formal shoes.

2. Floral prints with Chinos

You would have noticed in the recent fashion shows that floral shirts were all over the place. There’s a special connection between floral patterned shirts with mankle-lengthed chinos. Chinos are versatile Oxford shirts that can be teamed up with anything and everything (in a variety of lengths, color and fit). Make sure you pick up something that is not too flashy and retro, but definitely classic and bold. It will provide the summery feeling inside and bring back the 1970’s style back in time. The fabric again is of great concern here as well as the color combination of the chinos with the flowery print. Do not overdo the style and keep it minimal when it comes to accessorizing. If the print will be loud, it might over power the overall look and prove to be a hindrance for your style quotient.

3. Shorts with Shirts

This would definitely be known to most of you because shorts are the best companions when it is about beating the heat. Short sleeve shirts have been around for a while now, but were preferred by fewer males who knew how to carry them off. Both the clothing articles with short sleeves (short sleeves of the shirt and short legs of the shorts) would let the air flow better while keeping you comfortable inside. However, for that you would also have to wear the right men’s underwear in order to prevent the air blockage. What you need to keep the focus on in the combination is the fabric, color combination as well as the fit. The shorts must not be short shorts or longer shorts, but the right ones that do their job perfectly. Trainers are the best friends of this combination, but you can try out something else if you find them going well with both the articles.

These are some of the combinations that can make or break your style quotient. You just need to focus on the kind of clothes you’re wearing and the summer will be a happy time to spend outside the homes. So, keep looking stylish and comfortable in the coming summers.